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Wim Vanhaverbeke is professor Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Surrey Business School (UK). He is co-editor in chief of Technovation. His current research is focusing on digital strategy and ecosystem management, open innovation, and business model innovations. He published in different international journals and was co-editor with Henry Chesbrough and Joel West of two books about open innovations. He recently published two more books about open innovation in SMEs. He was appointed as member of the Advisory Committee of the Research Center for Technological Innovation of the Tsinghua University.

Open innovation; innovation ecosystems;

digital strategy, 

digital transformation,

data driven BMs, BM innovation, corporate entrepreneurship

Digital strategy, digital transformation, strategic innovation, innovation management.

Speaker/ coach on managing open innovation and innovation ecosystems

European innovation Forum

Semiannual meetings with European MNEs which are leading in the management of open innovation. See the video